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Quick Chicken and Dumplings Recipe -

Ingredients 1 oz. How to Make It Step 1. Chef's Notes One roasted chicken yields about 3 cups of meat. You May Like. How-To Video recipes. Build-a-Meal Find recipes with ingredients that you have on hand. Eggs Milk Flour. Read More. I've made chicken and dumplings from scratch before, but this is easier and delicious. I didn't have poultry seasoning, so I used Adobo.

Very tasty! This recipe is a good solid, "starter" recipe for chicken and dumplings. Especially convenient is the use of the refrigerated biscuits. I made so many modifications, though that it wasn't even the same recipe. I replaced the broth with chicken stock. I threw in a half bag of frozen peas near the end. It comes out fine and my husband loves the dumplings.

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I also have a tendency to Change things a little different soups, mixed veggies instead of just peas and carrots. It always comes out tasting great! Best day of my life when I found your website, I've been having a ball cooking up all sorts of different recipes!

Easy to make and wonderful tasting. Will make again. This is our favorite way to finish off a rotissere chicken.

No veggies, just chicken and the dumplings. I only use about cups of chicken broth for the base too But I do thicken it first with a roux, made with bisquick and melted butter, then adding the broth until it is just a little loose. I can make a tossed salad while the dumplings cook.

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The base is creamy and smells buttery. Best dumplings ever! Tried this and nobody liked the dumplings in it. They said I should have made the dumplings with flour instead of Bisquick. I think this recipe would taste better without the dumplings. I doubled the chicken and that made it taste better.

I would recommend people search for a different chicken and dumpling recipe. I ended up putting in a degree oven for abour half an hour and it tasted really good and I enjoyed it.


With dietary restrictions, I have a similar recipe for this one, but with some changes. I cut up 6 chicken tenders not cooked , cook them in stock pot with 1 TBSP Smart Balance butter, add chopped onion, 2 sliced carrots, 2 sliced celery, 1 chopped onion. Cook until chicken no longer pink, add fat free chicken broth, 1 can low sodium cream of chicken soup and black pepper.

Let it cook 30 minutes, then use lower sodium Bisquick and non fat milk for the dumplings. One of my husband's favorite meals. Great, fast comfort food that didn't take forever. Will be made again for sure.

Chicken and Dumplings Recipe

Good flavor but stuck to the pan, got too thick. Next time I'll add more water or chicken broth. This dumpling recipe is always good, I've used it for years and years. Absolutely great. I'm a single guy and when I have ingredients that are getting close to expiration date I goggle the ingredients and this receipt came up. Exceptions where Tysons grilled and ready chicken and 4 Pillsbury Grand's frozen biscuits thawed and quartered. It is now in my receipt box for good. Not the real thing but very close to it - for a working person it is easy and very tasty.

Very good, but would double the recipe a family of 4 if you want left overs. Delicious, I doubled the recipe and did add more chicken. It was very good, I made it tonight -- but agree with other comments, you need more broth I added some chicken broth, but could have added an additional can of cream of chicken as well.

Of course, I always use more chicken since I want it to be full of the good stuff. I love those dumplings reminds me of my mom's a long time ago! Really easy! This was super easy to make and an instant family favorite. I'm a vegetarian, so I omitted the chicken and used Cream of Potato soup. Very good! Doubled ingredients, except for the dumplings. My son thought the dumplings were bland. If I made this again, I would season the dough with garlic salt, pepper, and a touch of seasoning salt. Overall kind of bland. So tasty. Easy and very yummy!! Will make again and again!! The type of soup called for in the recipe is not available in my area so I had to substitute.

It came out really good, though, and my family gobbled it right up! Will make again for sure! I made this tonight. I browned a chicken breast and followed the recipe exactly. I agree with the reviewer that questioned how to add the dumplings on to the chicken and not to the liquid. This produces a lot of liquid. I double checked the recipe to make sure I didn't add too much milk but I did not.

I thought the flavor was ok, not great. I served it with a salad. This is a great recipe, it's quick and easy. I used mixed mixed vegetables, instead of just peas and carrots. Love the easiness of this recipe. Great to make for my family when I have had a long, tiring day at work. I double this recipe to feed 4. I stirred in some Italian mix spices and sprinkle paprika and parsley on the dumplings.

Next time I will double the soup. Great flavor. I just dump in the can of chicken, juices and all in addition to the soups mentioned. It is delicious and flavorful. Some white pepper is also good as well as a bit of celery salt to add flavor.