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A lot of shit. People die. They come across zombies Canny is controlling, who are attempting to shoot them. Canny's being is injected, partially, into a doll-like girl in the tunnel, whom Cates and the others capture. But they're ultimately driven away. They head to Spain. Cates is convinced Canny will come for them. He wants the head of the girl Cates took with them. It contains too much of his information and personality for him to be comfortable letting them have it.

There are about twenty armed Techies and Avery. Then about ten psionics join them for the purpose of helping to defeat Canny. They set up trip wires, security, alarms, everything, and prepare.

Canny comes at night. They can tell by gunfire and the sound of someone yelling as they die. More people die. Canny's getting closer. The thing about psionics is they have to see you to throw you up in the air or "push" you inside your head or anything like that. So Avery's told Grisha and some others to always be on the move and don't let yourselves be seen.

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One of their psionics spots Canny and throws him up into the air and a good ten Techies rush together to go shoot at him while he is aloft. But they don't. He's stopping them. Avery grabs one of the rifles and starts shooting, but Canny causes a buried hovercraft to come up out of the ground and land on the group, minus Avery, killing them all. Avery takes off down into the cellars.

It's an old prison that he had actually been in, with Canny, some years ago. And Canny appears before him. And they get it on. Canny tosses him around like a rag doll. Cates gets a few shots off. They do nothing. Canny pushes Avery's mind and it's horrible, but he's able to withstand it ultimately because his brain was screwed up by the system several years before and is impenetrable. Canny flies through the air.

The Drum Trial: A Story in the Avery Cates Universe by Jeff Somers

Canny lands on Cates. He's hurting everywhere. Avery gets him to go down an elevator shaft, where he drops some grenades and it does some good. Canny returns on fire and everything on top of his chassis is burned off.

The Final Evolution

But then he bull rushes Cates and knocks into him hard. Cates knows he's going to die. Somehow though, he's able to get on top and pull his gun. He sticks it in an eye socket and pulls the trigger repeatedly. Tough luck Grisha. Not getting him alive. Cates wins in the end. Final scene: Cates walking a deserted street in Toledo, going into a deserted bar and getting some alcohol. Great ending to a great book and a great series.

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However, there is an appendix, which is really an epilogue, and it's completely perplexing. It's purportedly a diary of someone, a woman, somewhere in Croatia, probably back at the beginning of the troubles. People around her are disappearing. People around her are turning into zombies. And that's it.

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What does it have to do with the book or the series? Perhaps I'm just stupid, but I didn't get it and don't know why it was included. Nonetheless, if you like uber violent dystopian cyberpunk, this is definitely the series for you. Strongly recommended. Aug 24, Andy rated it really liked it. I can respect where Jeff Somers is coming from with this installment if the Avery Cates saga. I don't know if it is the best probably not, the best is still The Electric Church , but it is a respectable addition to what has become a very entertaining series of events.

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Avery Cates is still the man. I still really like who he is and how he refuses to die or really change. He did get a little weepy about Remi and what happened and his guilt? I do have to say that I was happy with the ending and that everything, sort of, turned out okay. Yeah, Cates survives for a minute I didn't think he was going to make it , yeah the world is still a pisshole, but there a certain satisfaction about the ending that just grooved right with my reading of the novel.

I really do hope that there is another one, just so I see what crazy shit Avery gets into next. Jun 28, Julie Round rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy. An unexpected revelation.

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For two thirds of the book I was rushing to get to the end so that I could read something else more to my taste. Then the magic happened. I began to get drawn into the story, fascinated by the main character, began to understand the brutal fantasy world and accept the brittle strangeness while admiring the writing. This was the fifth of a series and I won't look for the other four but for anyone who likes dystopian violence this was a great example.

Jan 04, Bennie rated it liked it Shelves: dystopian , cyberpunk.

Avery Cates Mass Markets Invade the World

Well I finished the series, not much more to say. Jun 06, kingshearte rated it really liked it Shelves: sci-fi , fluff , fiction , post-apocalyptic-dystopian , Dude is seriously funny, often in the most morbid way imaginable. The extreme violence.