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As I write this, the ruggedly handsome guy who gave me The Hobbit is now a bit older and cutting the lush green grass at our own Bag End Yes, I married him.

12 Dancing Princesses Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories for Kids in English

Like Bilbo Baggins, I have come to appreciate the simple life. I do not need much to find contentment, beyond all the good gifts my life already holds; and I have gone through my own perilous journey to get here. Something which I notice now while reading the story is that Bilbo is not really the centre of the story.

He is one player in the larger story which began long before he came along, and continued long after he disappeared. We are all part of a larger narrative. Perhaps that is a truth for us all. We hardly have an idea of what our little part might mean in the greater narrative of our history in Middle?


If you read The Hobbit again, you may get something completely different from it. I had the fun of visiting the Hobbiton movie set several years ago during a trip to New Zealand. This book is suitable as a read-aloud for the whole family. Young children should know that it is okay to kill giant spiders, dragons, and goblins, provided they are bad.

Personally, I have never been a huge fan of fantasy.

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Although, I recently read that those who are not, have not come across the right book for them. This adage proved true for me, as I enjoyed this story. The Tombs of Atuan is book two of this series, but I know I would not have been interested in the first book without reading this one.

Story Crafter

I think this instalment is a good entry point for those who are leery of the fantasy genre. There are some inventive place-names, and people-names, yet not so many that it detracts from the plot which is in turns mesmerizing with its clarity of setting and gripping when the main character discovers an intruder in the tombs. As a young girl, the main character is taken from her parents to become the next, the always, high priestess of the tombs. She is carried along without having any say whatsoever in her life, until age fifteen, when the visitor comes.

In reading the afterword written by the author, it is interesting that Ursula K.

Le Guin felt she could not trespass beyond the life experience of most women of the time, when she wrote the story in Yet, together with her new friend, the main character is empowered to change her life. And he, along with her as his new friend, is able to find freedom from the tombs. It is truly an affecting story about friendship between a male and female, as well as a coming-of-age story for girls with themes about identity. This little fantasy gem was first published in As you may have guessed by now, I really like old stories. It turns out that this tale by George MacDonald was also a favourite of J.

Tolkien and C. George was Scottish and born to farmers.

Twelve Dancing Priestesses by L.T. Getty

Sadly, his mother died when he was only eight years old. He shared life with his four brothers. While his family originally owned a linen mill as well as a bank besides the farm , economic conditions swamped them. Later, George set off for university at age It is a little surprising that he turned to writing poetry and fairy tales. He and his wife had eleven children together, and he first wrote his tales for his children to guide them, and himself, through darkness.

It holds not only little gems of wisdom, but delicious tension, a good bit of danger, and just a faint dusting of magic. And just one more note: while many fairy tales are stories with helpless princesses needing rescue, this heroine, Princess Irene, receives her own guidance; therefore, despite the fact that Curdie does help her a great deal, she also has agency.

No doubt, he was also trying to instill virtues, so the story is a teeny bit didactic; however, that aspect does not ruin the larger story. The goblins are quite bad, and there is the expected bit of violence while good triumphs over evil, but there is nothing horrific for younger children to hear as a read-aloud. Since the protagonist, Princess Irene is eight years old, I think this story is suitable for children aged six and up. I was first introduced to this volume as a parent of young children.

I was a little skeptical about these tales, since they are outlandish— but in an oh-so-good way, as it turns out, since they are not meant to be truthful, but rather as a spring-board for lyrical word-making and image-imagining. There are plenty of new words never before used, and never since used, but which wake up the curious mind. Lingering somewhere between folktales and fantasy, these myths were created aloud as told to his daughter, then published in ; they continue to be popular today. Kipling is best known for his story, The Jungle Book.

Mysterious origins

When possible, I post versions of books which offer extras. The tales were passed around and adapted by different folks and several variations developed. For instance, one version of Cinderella has the step-sisters feet chopped off; another has them become statues who can see, hear, and feel in order to suffer while Cinderella receives her rewards for being virtuous. This means they are not romanticized or made more literary as many of those adapted by Hans Christian Anderson and Charles Perrault.

However, they can still be shocking for children. For parents, I recommend pre-reading the book and choosing age-appropriate fairy tales. However, the book could be handed to a child of age 12 and up. Audio versions and e-books are either incredibly inexpensive or free, however, I am an advocate of unplugging and dragging a paper book around from a sofa, to a beach chair, to a stump in the woods. Something else which is fun to imagine is that several of these English tales were actually verses poetry which were sung.

Apparently, the English country folks were a jolly bunch. Currently, I am reading fairy stories. It may not surprise you to find out that these were not written for children.

They were part of the oral storytelling tradition around the world, mostly performed by those who were illiterate. Vaughan M. Smith M.

Twelve Dancing Priestesses

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